Your pre-installed Faucet

2 décembre 2017 - Faucet à Bitcoin
Your pre-installed Faucet

What is FaucetCMS?                                   Version Française

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I propose you your Faucet without installation, without programming, with an ultra simple management panel.

You just have to complete your API keys (Captcha, FaucetHup Protection VPN …), the scripts to add your PUB. You can choose the currency of your choice: [« BTC », « ETH », « CTL », « DOGE », « BCH », « BLK », « DASH », « PPC », « XPM »]

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The installation is free (within 72 hours). Support is free (by mail). The royalty is 8% of the claims of your users (minimum 3 satoshi). You only pay when your FaucetCMS is used!

To have your Faucet complete the form:

Your username
Your valid email address
You can use your domain name to use FaucetCMS
Indicate your domain. On this domain you need to be able to do a DNS redirection
Indicate the subdomain of your choice. By EX: mysubdomain

Within 24 hours you will receive an email with all terms of use of FaucetCMS, it will be necessary to validate this email to start the installation of your Faucet within 72 hours.

See you soon