My Faucets with CoinPot My Faucets with CoinPot

My Faucets with CoinPot

2 décembre 2017 - BITCOIN SATOSHI FAUCET
My Faucets with CoinPot

My Faucets with CoinPot                                                   Version Française


Why these five Faucets? 6 faucets since November 2017 with the DashCoin

These five (six) Faucets use the same microwallet. So all your claim on three (four) different currencies go to the same place. So the currency accumulation is much faster 🙂

Another advantage if you make the claim in a currency you can convert it. For example you can convert DogeCion to Bitcoin to make a Bitcoin withdrawal.

The wallet is CoinPot You just have to register on the five (six) Faucets with the same email address. Attention it is important otherwise you will have several accounts CoinPot and no accumulation of claim. I have already received several payments from CoinPot so it’s really a cool plan. It is necessary to cumulate 50 000 Satoshi to make a withdrawal but with five Faucet it is ultra fast. It is possible to make the transfer on several online wallet at no cost. Xapo, Coinbase, SpectroCoin and Lellow ads. More micro wallet. FaucetHub, Faucetsystem and FaucetFly with fees of 1.3 to 1.5%.

Go to present the five (six) Faucets:

The youngest (November 2017) MOONDASH. He is no different from other Moon but with DASHCoin as his currency. You can make a claim every 5 minutes but the more time you leave, the more you will win. Referal at 25%. Two kinds of captcha (google and Solve Media). 

  1. Bonusbitcoin It is the one who pays the most a claim every 15 minutes of about 150 Satoshi. In addition one can choose between the captcha Google and a Captcha text. In addition it gives you 5% of your claim of the last three days. You just have to make one claim a day. Attention you have to go to the « Change your claim sitting » menu just below the claim button and check the last option « Always receive the average claim amout » to always have the average claim. Otherwise you will have a random claim that can go up to 5000 sathoshi but it is often a small claim and rarely (ever) important claim!BonusBitCoin
  2. BitFun  He too is a faucet who pays very well. You accumulate satoshi and you can make a claim every 3 minutes. Of course cumulation is less important over time but for example in the morning you easily have 350 sathoshi.BitFun
  3. I’ll tell you about the other three Faucets at once because it’s the same there is just the claim currency that is different. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Of course once these coins on CoinPot you can convert them for free to Bitcoin for example. On these three faucet is a claim every five minutes and the claim increases with time. In addition you have bonuses. 1st bonus 1% by godson. 2nd bonus 1% per day claim and 3rd mystery bonus from 1% to 100%. So you can have a maximum bonus of 300%. Beware the bonus per claim day is reset to 0 if you do not make a claim in a day.

For Bitcoin was  Faucet Bitcoin Moon Bitcoin


For DogeCoin was

 Faucet MoonDoge


For LiteCoin was

  Faucet MoonLitecoin


If you have made your registration on these six faucets with the same email address you will have all your claims on CoinPot: