Template for Faucet cryptocurrency installation

29 octobre 2017 - Faucet à Bitcoin
Template for Faucet cryptocurrency installation

You dreamed of having a faucet just for you? !!!               Version Française

With this faucet template you will be able to have your faucet (and even several) with the cryptocurrency of your choice.

[« BTC », « ETH », « LTC », « DOGE », « BCH », « BLK », « DASH », « PPC », « XPM », « BTX », « POT »] download from GITHUB

I propose a little demo? You will find a FaucetCMS demo on and you can see the administration area on this address with login: admin and password adminadmin

So want to do your faucet?

faucet dogecoin      eth lefaucetbtc        btc




The installation and use of the template is free, a fee will be charged to each claim of users. This fee is in Bitcoin (Satoshi) worth 5% with a minimum of 3 satoshi. The calculation is done on the value of the two currencies (Bitcoin and your Faucet’s currency) in real time.

I will explain in this article how to install your faucet from this template GITHUB and then explain the management of your faucet.

The new version 0.9 offers the possibility to add up to three short links to increase your winnings for each claim of your users. These short links are, and

This template is composed of two parts:


Hardware prerequisites: (required before installation)


Prerequisites for the management of the Faucet. (Required for use of the Faucet)

The Faucet works with a captcha to check if the user is human. You have the choice between two captcha. You can install one from two or both and the user will make his choice.



For the installation everything is automated !!

You must FTP all the files of the template in the directory of your Faucet on your server. It is also possible to do it with the command clone git … for the specialists.

Once the files are loaded you just need to start installing your Faucet by typing the URL of your Faucet into your favorite browser. At first launch the template will go into automatic installation. You must complete all the requests to have a complete installation. Check all the data before starting the installation. If the installation fails, it is necessary to delete the files from the server and start from the beginning to verify the information requested.

After a few seconds your Faucet will open: Faucet user

Good for now it is not really your Faucet is the template that will take a little put with your hand and complete the ads.

The administration panel of your Faucet

With the installation (very simple) the panel (very simple) is the heart of the use of your Faucet. It will allow you to set up the Faucet and complete all the ads.


To access your administration panel just add / login to your Faucet url ex: you will arrive on a secure login page.

You must use your identifiers indicated (by you) during the installation.


Faucet admin1



Once authenticated you arrive on a page that takes the data of your Faucet:

And on the left a menu will guide you in the administration of your Faucet.

SITTINGS. All the data of your Faucet:

Faucet admin2


USERS LIST A table of your future users of the Faucet with different search and ranking possibilities. You can have for each user the list of its claims and the possibility to disable a user and also to ban his IP address.

CLAIMS LIST An array of all your Faucet’s claims with different search and ranking possibilities. You can for each claim have the list of the claims of the user and the ability to disable this user and also to ban his IP address.

ADD JAVASCRIPT On this page you will be able to add Javascript scripts on your Faucet page, for example if you have an ad blocker protection or advertising popup. Be careful to put the tags javascripts to have no error on your page.

For the following three areas you can put text, javascript and or html / css. Be careful to respect the tags of the different languages.

faucet admin3


HOMEPAGE LAYOUT  Here you will be able to manage the display of all the advertisements of your user page. 8 advertising zones plus an additional text area in the center before displaying the wallet of the user.



CLAIM LAYOUT  Idem to manage the advertisements of the modal of captcha and validation of the claims. 4 advertising areas of different size.

Faucet Admin4


FOOTER LAYOUT To manage the three text boxes of the footer of your Faucet.


ADMIN PAGE  Just to change your administrator data (Login, email, password). Warning mishandling can block your admin access.

You can easily find on the net or other Faucet sites that offer advertising on the net. I can offer you :

For your Faucet to be 100% functional there are still two conditions.


That’s your faucet is functional. Now you have to make it known to have the maximum traffic (advertising gain) and then create another Faucet with other currency.

For questions of use, installation … only one mail and need not leave a message on the comments of this article.


Some links that you will find in this article are affiliate links. That is, I can earn a commission if you get one of the products presented. But if I talk about it in this blog it’s a good tool!