My creations from Faucet to Crypto-monnaie

27 novembre 2017 - Faucet à Bitcoin
My creations from Faucet to Crypto-monnaie


With this article I present my creations from faucet to cryptommonaie.                  Version FrançaiseFaucet Bitcoin

A faucet is a website to earn a few cents (satoshi) of a cryptocurrency. The owner is paid for by advertising on the site and or a little use of your processor to do the mining.

I currently have 6 faucets (3 in Bitcoin, 1 in Ethereum, 1 in Dogecoin, 1 in Litecoin) and I will describe these Faucets:

The first Faucet I wrote is simply

It’s a very complete Bitcoin Faucet. Gains are variable depending on the value of the bitcoin and possible claims every 20 minutes. And you can have an extra gain with an ad link from 5 to 30 satoshi. And referrals on two levels with 40% gain for the 1st level and 20% for the second. Payments are possible from 500 satoshi on two micro wallets: FaucetHub and Faucetsystem.

The following have been written by me on the basis of a template available on this page : FaucetCMS

Cool Faucet

Then It’s also a bitcoin faucet too COOL. The winnings are at 65 satoshi every 20 minutes. The sponsorship is at

40% of the winnings of the godchildren! Payments are immediate on micro wallet: FaucetHub.






The faucet Very simple faucet in bitcoin. Just a Bitcoin address on a FaucetHub account and you can earn 20 satoshi every 5 minutes. Plus the payment is direct on FaucetHub nothing asked it’s instantaneous! The sponsorship is at 30% of the earnings of the godchildren with also direct payment of the earnings of your godchildren.



eth lefaucetbtc


An Ethereum faucet also based on the template mentioned above

Always as simple as an Ethereum wallet address on the FaucetHub microwallet and you will win 360 gwei (satoshi) every 6 minutes. Payment also live on FaucetHub and sponsorship at 30% of the earnings of your godchildren.


faucet dogecoin



A faucet in DogeCoin :

It allows to have 1 DogeCoin every 10 minutes and works like the others. A wallet address in DogeCoin and a FaucetHub account and I harvest DOGE 🙂

Litecoin Faucet


And the last of the family :

1000 satoshi in Litecoin every 3 minutes it’s not nice that



For you too have your Faucet : FaucetCMS

Good claim to all!