BotCryptoTrading in a few lines!

19 mai 2018 - BotCryptoTrading
BotCryptoTrading in a few lines!

A robot that will trade for you without being constantly behind the screen!

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BotCryptoTrading in a few lines!

BotCryptoTrading is very simple to configure, hosted on a VPS server and accessible by a secure subdomain with an SSL certificate.

BotCryptoTrading works on Poliniex and Binance exchanges. The CryptoBotTrading does not transfer your cryoto-currencies, it uses the functions of the exchange to place orders of purchase and sale in automatic.

BotCryptoTrading places sales orders from automatically received signals. The signal is information indicating an upcoming movement on a cryptocurrency. The signals come from Telegram, CryptoPing and Crypto Quality Signals.. It is possible to choose one or more signal sources.

The BotCryptoTrading after making a cryptocurrency purchase places a sell order with a margin indicated in the Bot settings or indicated by a value in the received signal.

The BotCryptoTrading can send you information by email and / or PushOver for each order placed. No need to connect to his Bot to get information about his activity.

In the BotCryptoTrading you have access to a statistics page of all your trades by date and currency. And to a support page.

The BotCryptoTrading is multi language (English / French), multi currency (euro / dollar), multi time zone, multi date format.

The BotCryptoTrading is preset install just indicate your exchange API information. But for the more experienced you have access to all settings Bot. All API information is encrypted in the Bot database.

And as a demonstration is always better than a long speech I suggest you go directly see the demo of the BotCryptoTrading that I propose on this page

URL  :

Login : demobot

Password : demobot

This demonstration is on the Binance exchange. It is a copy of a bot, without possibility of modifying the settings, which is currently running.

And to answer the question:

Can I have a BotCryptoTrading?

YES . For this you need a Binance or Poloniex account with a little balance BTC (0.01 Btc mini). An API key enabled. And send me a request by email by indicating your exchange (Binance or Poloniex), an email address and your username.

The monthly fee is 0.00065000 Btc (65 000 Satoshis). This sum must be sent to the Bitcoin address indicated in the reply email.

You will have your Bot under 72h. You will have no installation to make your bot is preset I send you an url with a password (to change at the 1st use). And you can use the Bot for 30 days.

For security, all API keys (Exchange and PushOver) are encrypted in the database. There is no bottom transfer on the Bottout remains on the exchange.

If you have questions about the creation of your account, the use of the exchange and the creation of the API do not hesitate to ask your questions on:

This article and the bot do not constitute an investment recommendation. We suggest that you conduct your own research before deciding to purchase cryptocurrencies. Do not spend more than you can afford to lose. We will not be held responsible for any loss of capital, in connection with the reading of this article and the use of the bot.